How to Clean a Braun Coffee Maker

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A Braun coffee maker is a high-end machine that can provide you with the comfort and the taste of the coffee you love. However, in order to keep your machine working in top shape, you must learn how to clean it. There are many steps you must follow to ensure the best results. For instance, you must clean the control panel, water reservoir, and even the heating element of the machine. You can also learn some tips on how to troubleshoot your machine.

Cleaning the water reservoir

A Braun coffee maker should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of odors and residue in the water reservoir. This will also extend the life of the coffee maker and improve the performance of the machine.

Getting the water reservoir cleaned is a relatively simple task. All you need are a few household items and a little patience. Once you’ve got the reservoir clear of any accumulated dirt and debris, you can then clean the interior.

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You can use a mild soap and hot water solution to clean the internals. Ideally, you should also wipe down the exterior of the coffee pot with a damp cloth.

You can also use a solution of vinegar and water to clean the water reservoir. Vinegar is an effective antiseptic and can remove odors. However, it is not a good descaling agent. It can also leave an unpleasant taste.

Another option is to use a solution of baking soda and water. While this isn’t as powerful as the vinegar solution, it can clean hard water deposits. The downside is that it may require a few re-fills to get the job done.

If you want to use a commercial descaling agent, you can purchase one. These contain a safe acid that will not affect the taste of your coffee.

Cleaning the control panel

You may be wondering how to clean the control panel of your Braun coffee maker. The good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need are some common household items and some instructions.

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For starters, you’ll need to unplug your coffee pot. Next, you’ll want to run it through the cleaning cycle to get rid of any built up residue.

Another good reason to keep your coffee machine clean is that it helps to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses. Bacteria build up in the internal parts of your machine can cause mildew and even general malaise. Keeping your coffee machine in good working order is also essential to the overall taste of your coffee.

In addition to regular cleaning, your coffee maker may need to be descaled periodically. Descaling removes calcium deposits and other minerals from the machine.

If your coffee maker is stuck on the clean cycle, try resetting it. This can be done in many ways.

For starters, you should unplug it for at least five minutes. After this, plug it back in.

Depending on the model of your coffee maker, there may be a number of other instructions to follow. One of these is to use a cleaning solution in the water reservoir.


If you are using a Braun coffee maker, you should know that it is essential to keep it clean and in good condition. A few things can cause the machine to break down.

A cracked brewing head, for instance, can prevent the water from being poured through. Broken tubes can also be a problem. These can clog up and make the machine unable to brew. You can fix this issue by replacing the damaged tube.

Your Braun coffee maker may be displaying an error code. This can be a sign that the water reservoir is empty. The E21 code can be fixed by refilling the water tank.

Another error code that can be displayed is the E03, which indicates an obstruction in the brew mechanism. If this is the case, you should call your local Braun repair center to fix the issue.

Some coffee makers have a brew lockout feature. It can be reset by following the directions in the user manual.

Some Braun coffee makers also have an auto mode, which is activated by a bar code reader. Occasionally, a missing or damaged T-DISC can cause the brewing cycle to fail. When this happens, the power button will flash.

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